Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to Freeze Fresh Herbs - Ice Cube Tray Method

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On my last encounter with a fresh herb (see my Chicken Tortilla Soup), I was determined not to waste so much perfectly good cilantro. It is very frustrating to me to have to buy such a large bundle of fresh herbs from the grocery store, only to have it go bad before it gets completely used. I remember seeing ways to freeze herbs on Pinterest, so I was thinking, why not give it a whirl? I chose the Ice Cube Tray Method.

  • Wash herbs, picking out the undesirables. Remove the stems if needed, depending on the herb.
  • Place on cutting board.
  • Chop to desired size. 
  •  Place teaspoonful amounts into ice cube trays.
  •  Carefully fill with water. Depending on how full the compartments are of herbs/buoyancy of the herb, you may want to freeze in 2 stages. Fill halfway with water, freeze, then top off compartment with water and freezes again.  
  • After freezing, place cubes into a freezer bag or vacuum storage bag.
  • Pop out a teaspoonful at a time for soups and other recipes as you need them!
 Courtesy of -Herb Gardening - Preserving Herbs by Freezing and the Cheap Vegetable Gardener

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  2. It's all interesting. Looks like there will be a wonderful dinner tonight.